Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Written by: Jon Bissonnette- Lead Physical Therapist at T4K Adults in Weston, Florida

What is Physical Therapy and Why is it Important?

When a person experiences an injury due to performing daily activities, repetitive motion, motor vehicle accident, illness, or age, their physician will most likely refer the patient to a Physical Therapist.

While most minor injuries do not require therapy intervention, there are injuries that will not heal as expected and often require therapy to avoid lifelong disability. The therapist will assess the main cause of the injury and any functional deficits, and will prepare a plan, including both patient and therapy goals, for returning them to their desired lifestyle at the highest level of function.

What is Done During a Typical Physical Therapy Session? 

The Physical Therapist creates a plan for the patient that involves various exercises, stretching, strength training, and physical manipulation to help the patient recover.  There is also an allied approach given, with the inclusion of massage therapy and chiropractic care (as needed). As a health expert in movement-based-therapy, a patient will be educated about his/her condition, different treatments, and preventative techniques. The patient will be reassessed to track progress and report to their physician (as needed). The therapist will review a patient's daily activities (work and home) for body mechanic corrections and for future injury prevention, which plays an important role in general wellness. 

Who to Contact for Physical Therapy?

T4K Adults offers Physical Therapy in all six locations in South Florida (Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Coral Gables and Miami). 

Please contact (954)828-0425 to schedule an appointment and visit our website http://www.t4kadults.com or http://www.facebook.com/t4kadults for more details. 

We look forward to serving you!  

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